Huck Flyn was born in Chicago and grew up in Thousand Oaks, Ca. He is a blues guitarist, a comic, an author, a singer-songwriter, an actor and more…Huck started playing guitar at age 11 and has been performing ever since…

In 1969, thanks to his uncle,  he started working as a staff writer for Marshall Leib at Frankie Laine's publishing company in Hollywood, Ca. Later that year, in New Orleans, Huck entered the U.S. Army and spent a year in the States and a year in Viet Nam. He graduated college with a degree in journalism and is working on his autobiography, called, “Rockin’ Nam” and a film called "360 Days" (co-written with John Loran) about his wild time spent in South East Asia…they are presently talking to Hollywood about the film.

Early on, Huck met director, choreographer, Kenny Ortega (High school Musical, Dirty Dancing, This is it) they went to work on ortega's rock musical, "Bimbo's Cosmic Circus," an off-Broadway Rock musical written in San Francisco and performed it in Hollywood and San Diego.